Power of the 3rd Color in Layering

So, I was doing my typical layering experimenting with new colors I hadn’t tried yet and came across 2 things…

First, the long-lasting LipSense colors Razzberry and Fire Opal could be a dupe for the discontinued LipSense color Party Pink! (So if you wanted Party Pink, here’s your solution! 👏🏻🙌🏻)

And second, when your first two layering colors don’t go the way you were hoping or expecting, use the third layer to bring it back around! For example, on this day, my first two colors were way too bright for what I wanted. So to fix it and not remove my lip color and start over, I used LipSense Precious Topaz (a brown, medium lip color) to balance out the bright color by darkening it and muting it. And the result did not disappoint!!

That’s the beauty of LipSense! With the 3 layers, you really can’t go wrong with any combination! And you can adjust color without removing your lip color and starting over!

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