ShadowSense is the MUST! Covers a little bit of everything!

17203240_10211952815473494_3315995315359471575_nLipSense is what SeneGence is famous for …… But ……our ShadowSense is actually one of my favorite products. I might even love it more than LipSense.

One of the reasons that I love it so much is because I can use it for soooo many things.

First EYES: Of course I use it as eyeshadow. A Moca Java shimmer and Sandstone Pearl duo is one of my favorite eyeshadow looks. Just enough to have something on, but not anything dramatic. I also love Garnet and Mulberry for a slightly darker look. I really LOVE to do a trio look with my eyes (highlight, transition, and corner)! I think it really enhances my eyes, creating dimension.

Second BROWS: I use Smoked Topaz on my brows everyday to help fill them in and define them. I take a thin angled brush and swipe it on the applicator, then start at the peak of my eyebrow and work out to define the eyebrow. It helps fill my patchy eyebrows the best…. and stays all day without moving!!!

Third CONCEALER: I’ve used Candlelight or Sandstone Pearl as concealer, like under the eyes and to clean up my eyeshadow on the outside corners of my eyes.

Fourth CONTOUR: I use Moca Java and Whisper Pink or Sandstone Pearl to contour. They are the perfect shades to add some definition to my under eyes, cheekbones, jawline and nose.

Fifth EYELINER: I use Onyx ShadowSense as eyeliner!!! It’s SO smooth and beautiful pigment, which is AMAZING because it won’t cause raccoon eyes like so many eyeliners do. And it won’t fade throughout the day.

Sixth BLUSH: I’ve used Mulberry ShadowSense as blush and it’s just that perfect shade!

…….. Seriously. The uses are endless. I have even know girls who have worn ShadowSense as lipstick!

If you are looking for the perfect starter color, Moca Java or Sandstone Pearl are amazing shades to start with! And if you want help, just ask and I’m happy to pair up colors for you!

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